Mayhem to Manners!

Transform your dog’s behavior one paw print at a time.






















Mayhem to Manners!

Transform your dog’s behavior one paw print at a time.

Best dog & puppy training Classes In Rhode Island!

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Doggy Day Care Rhode Island

Prep School for Dogs

Puppy Path: specifically for puppies up to 6 months old!

Teen Track: for our adolescent pups 6 – 18 months!

 Drop off your puppy in the morning to train, play, socialize, enrich, and relax. Pick up your tired pup in the afternoon!

Puppies are a ton of work and everyone knows teens are the worst, but we’ve got your backs! Our trainers will provide your pooch with top notch care and training while you do you! Whether you are working, doing virtual learning, running errands, or a stay at home parent, you will be able to focus on your task at hand without puppy demanding your attention.

This dog training program will set your puppy up to grow into the canine companion you desire and we will guide you every step of the way! This program includes unlimited group classes and 4 private lessons per semester to ensure you have the skills you need to maintain & progress their training outside of the classroom!

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Intensive Day Training

Day Training for adult dogs! Drop your dog off for the day and pick them up more trained and tired to enjoy your evenings and weekends with them.

Perfect for those pups whose manners need a major boost in the right direction! Ideal for adult dogs over 18 months or for younger adolescent pups who do not enjoy the social aspect of our Prep School as playtime is an optional component for the Intensive Training Program.

Lots of support for the humans too so you learn how to achieve and maintain the behaviors you are looking for. There are 3 different programs to suit your needs and each option comes with group classes and private lessons. We want to make sure the human half of the team is confident too! 


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Doggy Daycare

 Check out our Canine Camp, an enhanced doggy daycare program!

Drop off your dog in the morning to play, socialize, and relax. Pick up your tired pup in the afternoon!

This program is not your average Doggy Daycare! We maintain a staff to dog ratio of 10:1.

We also require pups to have a moderate level of training. Our program is meant to maintain their training rather than be a free for all setting!

Private Dog Training South Kingstown R

Private Lesson Dog Training

Private Dog Training Lessons can cover anything from puppy training and manners to behavioral problems such as reactivity and aggression.

In Home Private Lessons are available to residents of Southern Rhode Island and surrounding areas.

We can provide lessons at our facility in Exeter, RI or at your home. 

Scent work Classes Exeter, RI

Group Dog Training Classes

Our group Dog Training classes cover all the bases from Manners, K9 Nose Work®, Tricks, to Reactive Dogs.

Flexible scheduling allows you to pick and choose your classes to suit your schedule and your dog training needs.

Group classes are excellent for socialization.

Group classes are held at our facility in Exeter, RI.

I’m driving an hour each way just to see her, so you know she’s special! JoAnna is always positive, clear, patient, and easy to work with. She has brought Baxter from a couch potato through his first major title in nose work. Whenever I have a dog problem, I know I can turn to JoAnna. I look forward to many more classes with her.

Lena B.

Jo is so attentive to everything that’s going on with your dog’s progress from week to week. We have been working on nose work skills with her for several months, and she is very knowledgeable about the sport, and also about using it as an activity to help reactive dogs (which is what originally got me into with my crazy little guy, and she’s helped him so much). She’s genuinely invested in how you’re doing as a trainer and how your dog is doing whatever the skills and behaviors you’re trying to build with them.

Nikole B.

I highly recommend JoAnna as a trainer and instructor. She is very knowledgeable and current in her technique as well as organized and clear in her teaching. JoAnna is upbeat and makes learning fun for human and dog!

Kathy B.

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