From Mayhem to Manners: Marvelous Coaching for Magnificent People and Their Dogs

Dog Training serving Southern Rhode Island

Our training philosophy is if you and your pup are not having fun it isn’t right. Training should be fun for both halves of the equation!

We employ a modern, positive training approach. When attending classes at Mischief Managed Mayhem to Manners you should come with patience, positivity, and a sense of humor!

You will receive marvelous coaching because you deserve a magnificent dog!

Online classroom filled with dog training tips and videos that will supplement what you learn in class.

Students, friends, and families are encouraged to join our Mischief Managed Mayhem to Manners online community in the form of a closed Facebook group!

I’m driving an hour each way just to see her, so you know she’s special! JoAnna is always positive, clear, patient, and easy to work with. She has brought Baxter from a couch potato through his first major title in nose work. Whenever I have a dog problem, I know I can turn to JoAnna. I look forward to many more classes with her.

Lena B.

JoAnna is the absolute best! There are very few people my crazy terrier takes to right away, but JoAnna is one of them. Both my dog and I love her – I drive 30+ minutes each way from Providence to Richmond just so we can work with her (and I hate driving so that’s saying something). She is so attentive to everything that’s going on with your dog’s progress from week to week. We have been working on nose work skills with her for several months, and she is very knowledgeable about the sport, and also about using it as an activity to help reactive dogs (which is what originally got me into with my crazy little guy, and she’s helped him so much). She’s genuinel invested in how you’re doing as a trainer and how your dog is doing whatever the skills and behaviors you’re trying to build with them.

Nikole B.

I highly recommend JoAnna as a trainer and instructor. She is very knowledgeable and current in her technique as well as organized and clear in her teaching. JoAnna is upbeat and makes learning fun for human and dog!

Kathy B.

Why Mischief Managed Mayhem to Manners?

Manners, CGC Prep, Tricks, and K9 Nose Work® classes offered on a flexible schedule!

Group classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. You choose which class you want to take and when you want to take it.

You also have more time to complete your classes. For example, if you sign up for 6 classes you will have 9 weeks to complete those 6 classes.


Phone 401-321-4525

Fax 401-321-4522

Manners classes are held at:

The Fetch Room

91 Kingstown Road

Richmond, RI 02898