Do you have puppy classes?

We do not have a puppy specific class, but all puppies over 16 weeks of age are welcome to join our group classes!

We do offer a special discounted puppy private lesson package as well!


Why does my puppy have to be 16 weeks old for group classes?

The Fetch Room rules where classes are held does not allow puppies under 16 weeks of age (and fully vaccinated) to enter. 16 weeks is the age a puppy generally receives their last vaccination.


What does flexible scheduling mean?

You purchase a training package for all group classes except Calming Chaos. Let’s take the Manners Training Package for example. This package gives you 10 classes. you can take any 10 classes on the schedule on whatever day/time works best for you.

Normally you take classes on Tuesdays, but you have another commitment on a particular Tuesday. No big deal! You can take a class on Monday or Wednesday instead. Or you can take a week off altogether.

Vacation coming up? No worries. Because you have 14 weeks to complete the Manners Training Package you can easily skip a week or two!


What are the benefits to flexible scheduling?

Never need to miss a class.

You can plan your dog’s training around your needs.

You can try new classes such as K9 Nose Work® or Tricks without a long term commitment.

Different dogs & people in your classes so your dog learns to work around a larger variety of dogs.

If you’re struggling with one or two things like loose leash walking and recalls you can take more classes that focus just on those topics.


Is there a better class to begin with if you are new?

People do find Serious Self-Control! & Sensational Stays! to be easier to begin with, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule it really doesn’t matter.


Do you have advanced manners classes?

The 4 core subjects will cover basic to advanced! The flexible scheduling means one team may be on the their first class and another may be on their tenth! The instructor will challenge each team appropriately for THEIR level.


How many dogs are in class?

All of the manners and tricks classes are capped at 5 teams.

Calming Chaos & Community Classes are capped at 4 teams.

Introduction to K9 Nose Work® and ORT to NW1 are capped at 6 teams each.

Nuts for Nose Work is capped at 8 teams.


Can I bring more than one dog to class?

Yes, but for manners, tricks, and CGC classes there must be 2 adult handlers.

K9 Nose Work® classes frequently have 2 dogs belonging to one handler. Dogs wait in vehicles between their turns so one handler can handle several dogs in one class.



Do you offer CGC & Trick Dog testing?

Yes! Keep an eye out on the calendar and our newsletter for announcements. Generally offered every few months.


Can I bring my whole family to training classes?

Yes, but children should be over the age of 10 and able to sit quietly during class. Children are welcome to train their dogs with parent supervision.

We are happy to work with children in private lessons.


Do you offer Therapy dog classes and/or testing.

No, but Conquering CGC! is a good step towards becoming a therapy dog team. Often times the CGC is required to continue on to therapy dog work. We do not offer therapy dog testing.


Do you have daytime classes?

Not at this time.


Do you train service dogs?