Group Manners Classes

Marvelous Manners!

New students start here! Marvelous Manners classes are broken down into 4 different topics. All students should hit up each topic at least once! You can then focus on the topics that you and your pup need the most help with!

The flexible scheduling means there will be different dogs in your classes as you progress. Some teams may be on class number one and learning the basics of a sit and other teams may be working on more advanced concepts in the same class! For more information about our flexible, Class Pass scheduling click here!

The classes are designed to be repeated until you are satisfied with your level of training!

Ready, Sit, Go!

Class Topics:


Settle on a Mat

Stay & Free

Serious Self - Control!

Class Topics:

Impulse Control around food, toys, people, and more!

Polite Greetings

Walking Wonders!

Class Topic:

Walking on a loose leash!

Rocket Recalls!

Class Topic:

Coming When Called!


For More Advanced Classes Look Below!

After you have mastered the basics check out our Intermediate and Advanced Manners Classes to take it to the next level!

Manners Classes for Dogs Exeter, RI

Conquering CGC!

For the intermediate and advanced level canine teams! This class builds upon the basics you learn in Marvelous Manners and prepares you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.

There is a heavy focus on loose leash walking, particularly around other dogs and people. This class covers stay work as well as how to politely greet other people.

There is a grooming component to the CGC Test so we also work on grooming and body handling in this class!

This class also works on delayed reinforcement and working without treats on your person all the time.

Manners Masterclass!

Ready to advance your skills! If you have all the basics down already then this is the class for you!

We use lots of fun games to build your dog’s behaviour up around various distractions.

Dogs joining this class should be able to do the following:

Sit & Down – on a hand signal as well as verbal cue
Mat – should know to get on and lie down
Stay – 20 second duration
Loose Leash Walking – be able to walk 20 feet on a loose leash while being rewarded for walking
Recall – Should be able to recall from a distance of 10 feet with mild distractions present

Obedience classes for dogs Exeter, RI
Life Skills Classes

These classes, like Marvelous Manners, are broken down into 4 different topics and can be repeated as many times as it takes to be comfortable with the material!

Teams taking these classes should have a handle on the basics already. Generally after completing 6-8 Marvelous Manners most teams would be able to advance!

Canny Canines!

Class Topics:

Food Puzzles and Enrichment

What is good socialization?

Animated kid toys


Medical Equipment

Hounds About Town!

Class Topics:

Car Travel

Entering/exiting doors

Polite Greetings

Loose Leash Walking in the real world

Real life distractions as the class moves thru our plaza

Pizza Party!

Class Topics:


Guests entering home

Polite Greetings

Meal Prep/Counter Surfing

Eating a meal in peace

Cheese Pizza will be provided!

Cooperative Care!

Class Topics:


Nail Care

Eye/Ear Care

Prepping for the vet


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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