What is K9 Dog Nose Work® Training?

Have you ever seen a police dog sniffing for narcotics? How about a dog checking luggage at the baggage claim in an airport? That is essentially nose work! Our pet dogs can be as amazing as those pros. Any dog can do nose work, our pets just don’t search for narcotics! Dogs will learn to “hunt” for various essential oils that can be hidden virtually anywhere through our dog nose work training.

What are the benefits to scent training for dogs & nose work?

  • Scent training for dogs provides an outlet for all that energy
  • Mental stimulation (fancy way of saying it will make our dogs tired)
  • Scent training for dogs builds a bond between the dog and handler
  • Dog nose work training builds up confidence
  • Our scent training for dogs gives shy, fearful, and reactive dogs a whole new look at life.
  • Have fun with your dog
  • Make new friends


Windsor – NW3 Container Search

Here is a sample of a Nose Work trial video. At the NW3 level there is a range of 0-3 hides in a container search. The handler does not know how many there are and must correctly call finish when they think their dog has found everything. There may also be the presence of distractors ranging from food to toys. This search earned a 3rd place finish and a Pronounced. A “P” indicates the judge thought the team demonstrated exceptional technique or teamwork for that particular search.

Are you ready to give your dog an experience he will truly

thank you for?

Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

This is where your journey begins as a new nose work team! This is a 4 week linear Mini Series class designed to give you a brief introduction to this super smelling sport!

Dogs work one at a time in this class and dogs not working must be crated, behind a barrier, or in their vehicle waiting their turns. This allows all of our canine friends to participate in nose work regardless of their social standings!

K9 Nose Work® Classes

From the casual nose work team to the serious competition team we have a variety of classes to suite your needs! You may purchase the classes individually or use your Class Pass to sign up. Feel free to mix and match your classes. Most experienced nose work teams can take multiple classes per day if you prefer to make one trip to us!


Skills & Drills

  • Novice to Advanced
  • Suitable for dogs on primary or odor
  • This class will present a variety of games and drills designed to improve the handling skills of the handler and sniffing skills of the canine!

NW2/3 Trial Prep

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Dogs must be proficient on odor
  • Teams should have an NW1 title or the skills needed to trial at NW1 (or comparable trial level).
  • This class will focus on the types of searches and challenges you will see at NW2/3 Trials.

NW3 & Beyond

  • Advanced Level Teams
  • Must be trialing or training at NW3 or higher 
  • Teams can expect to work on complex odor problems seen at higher levels of competition as well as the occassional foundational skills thrown in.

Nomadic Noses

  • Novice to Advanced
  • Suitable for dogs working primary or odor
  • These classes may comprise any form of scent work challenge and will be held throughout the community to allow practice in novel environments.

Check out our student’s achievements and videos from some of their trials.

Visit the NACSW for even more information.

Nose work truly is an incredible sport and so empowering to not only to the dogs, but to you as well.

Countless times have I been told now how much a person’s confidence has grown as they journey through nose work.

K9 Nose Work® NW1 Ribbons, Title, and Harry Award. Your First NACSW™ Trial.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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