Doggie Training Classes | Best Virtual Classes In Rhode Island

Best Virtual Doggie Training Classes

Have a pup, but cannot make in person group classes for some reason? Can’t figure out how to take what you learned in group classese to real life? We can help!

With our virtual doggie training classes, you will gain all of the tools you need to successfully train your pup, wherever you are!

Join our doggie training classes today to take the Mayhem to Manners! And transform your dog’s behavior one paw print at a time.

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Virtual Dog Training Classes


Anybody can do it!

All you need is a device with a camera and internet!

Train Wherever and Whenever!

Train from the comfort of your own home or even outside, as long as your internet is stable! No need to drive to classes.

Instructor Coaching

Virtual group class students receive live coaching and feedback. The instructor will explain the directions and demonstrate if needed, then coach students both as a group and individually.

Open Enrollment

Sign up anytime! Enjoy our flexible scheduling and create your own training path.

Benefits to Virtual Group Classes!


Less Distractions = Faster Learning!


Train behaviors where it matters the most - your own home!


Excellent option for reactive dogs!


Easy for family to be involved!


Work multiple dogs!


Real time coaching!

Homeschool Hounds! – Group Classes

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Purchase a Homeschool Hounds Class Pass

Step 2: Watch the Orientation Webinar

Step 3: Register for your classes!

HOmeschool Hounds Topics


From basic manners to more specific to the home problems such as counter surfing, grooming, and door dashing we can cover it all. Requests are welcome! These classes tend to be student led!

K9 Nose Work®

K9 Nose Work® is all about teaching your pup how to use his natural sniffing abilities. If your dog is bored and needs a job, look no further! We offer classes for all levels, novice to advanced!

Terrific Tricks!

Want to have some fun with your pup? Exercise his brain? Tricks are a fantastic way to increase your bond with your dog. Dogs love to learn and you can channel their energy in learning!

Cooperative Care

Cooperative Care is all about teaching your pet how to become a willing participant in his/her own care. Grooming, nail trims, tooth brushing, ear/eye care, blood draws, and more!


If you have any questions regarding dog training in Rhode Island, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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