Calming Chaos!

Calming Chaos, a dog training class for reactive dogs, is a 7 week linear class (excluded from our flexible scheduling).

This class helps you learn to manage your reactive dog and begins changing your dog’s feelings about other dogs.

Next class begins Tuesday, 7/16/19 at 7:15pm. Register today to reserve your spot! Space is limited!!!

What is Reactivity?

In a nutshell any dog that lunges, snarls, and/or barks at another dog when on leash is a “reactive” one. Walking a reactive dog is no fun for the human or the dog. A reactive dog is in an unpleasant and stressed emotional state at the sight (or sound) of another dog. The handler is also stressed, ashamed, and embarrassed by their dog’s behavior. The good news: WE CAN HELP!!!

Warning Signs

  • hyper vigilance
  • freezing
  • staring
  • whining
  • panting
  • extreme excitement
  • unable/unwilling to respond to handler
  • unable/unwilling to eat a treat

How do we fix it?

The reality of having a reactive dog is that the reactivity will always be there, but with lots of training dogs can overcome their negative reactions to the sights and sounds of another dog. We will put layers of training onto your dog to help them live a more relaxed life, just remember that the reactivity is there and may pop up again without consistent management and training.

Pro tip! Nose work can also immensely benefit the reactive dog! By giving the reactive dog a job to do he will often choose to work rather than react. It is a sport that allows the dog to be in control and that is very empowering to the dog.

What does a Calming Chaos class look like?

Class sizes are smaller for Calming Chaos. There will be a maximum of 4 dogs per class to ensure safety and maximize learning potential. Dogs will enter and exit the building one at a time to prevent any unplanned visual contact. Dogs and their handlers will begin behind barriers. As the class progresses dogs will gradually be exposed to each other in a controlled manner.

We will also discuss management techniques and coach you through how to handle a reactive dog. We highly recommend reading Click to Calm by Emma Parsons!



$240.00 plus tax for a 7 week class.

Classes will meet on Tuesday evenings at 7:15 pm.

7 Consecutive weeks unless otherwise listed.

First class is for the HUMANS ONLY!!!

Class will be extended as needed for any inclement weather days or in the event of instructor illness.



Register now to reserve your spot!

This class tends to fill quickly and can have a waitlist.


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Manners classes are held at:

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