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Reactive Dog Training

Calming Chaos is a specialized dog training program just for our reactive friends.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, this program is taking a break until spring 2021. We are happy to work with you individually though! Please contact us for more information about private lessons for your pup.

What is Reactivity?

In a nutshell any dog that lunges, snarls, and/or barks at another dog when on leash is a “reactive” one. Walking a reactive dog is no fun for the human or the dog. A reactive dog is in an unpleasant and stressed emotional state at the sight (or sound) of another dog. The handler is also stressed, ashamed, and embarrassed by their dog’s behavior. The good news: WE CAN HELP!!!

Warning Signs

  • hyper vigilance
  • freezing
  • staring
  • whining
  • panting
  • extreme excitement
  • unable/unwilling to respond to handler
  • unable/unwilling to eat a treat
How do we fix it?

The reality of having a reactive dog is that the reactivity will always be there, but with lots of training dogs can overcome their negative reactions to the sights and sounds of another dog. We will put layers of training onto your dog to help them live a more relaxed life, just remember that the reactivity is there and may pop up again without consistent management and training.

Pro tip! Nose work can also immensely benefit the reactive dog! By giving the reactive dog a job to do he will often choose to work rather than react. It is a sport that allows the dog to be in control and that is very empowering to the dog.

What does a reactive dog training class look like?

Level 1 of Calming Chaos will be a round of semi private lessons. There will be 2 dogs per lesson to ensure safety and maximize learning potential. Dogs and their handlers will begin behind visual barriers. As each dogs’ skills increase they will gradually be exposed to each other in a controlled manner.

We will also discuss management techniques and coach you through how to handle a reactive dog. We highly recommend reading Click to Calm by Emma Parsons!

You will also learn the basics of loose leash walking and how to teach your pup to settle on a mat in this specialized series of lessons. You have bonus access to 2 Virtual Group Classes so you can work on these skills without worrying about other dogs.

Level 2 of Calming Chaos will further your skills from Level 1. There will be a maxium of 3-4 dogs per Class. Dogs should be fairly comfortable working away from the visual barriers in the presence of another dog. Your instructor will help you determine when you can progress from Level 1 to Level 2.

The beautiful thing of the flexible scheduling – allows for more practice around a wider variety of dogs!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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