Meet The Dog Trainers!

Dog Trainer South Kingstown Rhode Island

Jo, the lead trainer, has been training dogs on a professional level for 7 years. She has worked with hundreds of dogs of varying ages and breeds and can apply these previous experiences to provide you with excellent coaching. She loves coaching people to train their dogs!

Jo has a BS in Animal Science from the University of Rhode Island. She completed the NACSW instructor training program and is now a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) bringing you top-quality coaching. Jo is a Certified Fear Free Professional. Jo also is an AKC CGC Evaluator. She is pursuing dog trainer certification with the Karen Pryor Academy.

She has also completed the Karen Pryor Academy Foundation course and attends numerous educational opportunities to advance her own training. Jo is certified via Pet Emergency Education in First Aid and CPR for both dogs and cats.

Her commitment to continuing education ensures you will receive the most up-to-date, positive, science-based training methods.

She is actively competing in both agility and K9 Nose Work®. Her competition experience will bring you an insider’s view into the competitive sport of K9 Nose Work® ensuring you are prepared for your journey.

Prior to k9 dog training, she worked as a veterinary and pharmacy technician. Those are demanding jobs that require precision, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask which are all skills that carry over to k9 dog training as well. These are skills she will use to help you on your journey with your dog.

She lives in South County with her wonderful husband, 4 children, 6 dogs, cats, hedgehog, and snake!




Sarah has been an exceptional student and her dedication to her dog, Billy, is apparent. She has been a student since Mischief Managed’s first class in October 2018 and it has been incredible to watch her grow as a handler and as a team.

She and Billy have passed their Manners classes with flying colors and have acquired their AKC Canine Good Citizen Title. They have their Novice Trick Dog Title and are working on more!

They have also been participating in K9 Nose Work® classes where they are excelling as a team. Sarah and Billy have their ORT Title.

Sarah teaches Basic – Advanced Manners and has assisted in numerous private lessons mostly working with reactive pups.

Sarah is certified via Pet Emergency Education in First Aid and CPR for both dogs and cats. She also enjoys learning and will pursue further education in the professional dog training world.

Dog Trainer Richmond RI

Paige is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and has her BS in Animal Science. She completed an internship here at Mischief Managed Mayhem to Manners and she was so awesome we kept her!

She has previous doggy daycare experience where she managed play groups. She was also a member of the URI Puppy Raisers Club. The URI Puppy Raisers Club works with Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Paige is certified in First Aid for both dogs and cats. She enjoys learning and will be pursuing further education and certifications.

She loves working with animals and seeing the impact an animal can have on someone’s life (especially when they are well trained)!

Paige has a special interest in helping reactive and aggressive dogs as well as service dog training.

Meet the Interns!

We are very excited to bring on student interns from the University of Rhode Island. These students are eligible for academic credit and are excited to learn more about training dogs and exploring the world of training as a possible career path. They are also dedicated to force free dog training!

Covid put our intern program on hold for a while, but we are very excited to have not one, not two, but three interns from URI joining us in June 2021!

Meet the Canine Trainers!

The Canine Trainers have very important jobs to do! They provide “distractions” for dogs practicing their manners. They help other dogs prepare for the AKC CGC Test and are also the neutral dogs used for CGC Testing.

One of their most important, and difficult jobs, is to be a neutral dog for dogs learning they don’t need to lunge and bark at other dogs. These guys are regular fixtures in our Calming Chaos Class as well as Private Lessons where we are helping dogs overcome their fear, unruliness, or leash aggression towards other dogs. They may be barked at, but they need to remain calm and relatively stationary while the other dogs are learning!

The Canine Trainers are also frequently called upon to demonstrate something either for a single student, a whole class, or even for a demonstration at a local school or business.

Dog Trainers Dogs South Kingstown RI
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Continuing Education by Jo and/or team:

Recallers, Handling 360, & Agility Nation with Susan Garrett

Click to Calm for the Reactive Dog Seminar with Emma Parsons

CARAT Workshop with Suzanne Clothier

K9 Nose Work® Camp 3 years in PA

Numerous courses at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Karen Pryor Academy Foundation Course

How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z by Michael Shikashio

Aggression in Dogs: A Master Course for Trainers and Behavior Consultants by Michael Shikashio

CPR Plus Certification by Pet Emergency Education

Numerous K9 Nose Work® seminars including those presented by Amy Herot, Ron Gaunt, Jill Marie O’Brien, Sue Sternberg, Gail McCarthy, Jean Richardson, Michael McManus, and Jason Heng.

IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) Lectures & Webinars

Treat-Retreat Certification Course (currently enrolled) by Suzanne Clothier

L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Course (enrolled for Fall 2021) by Kim Brophey



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