Cooperative Care Animal Training

Ever see a video of a polar bear voluntarily sitting for a blood draw? What about brushing a walrus’s tusks? Those are perfect examples of Cooperative Care! The purpose of cooperative care animal training is to have our animals willingly become a partcipant in their own care.

If your pet struggles with grooming, nail clipping, eye and ear care, etc. and would like to learn how to do so your pet happily partakes in such husbandry procedures this is the class for you!

Can Your Pet Handle this?

All pets require animal husbandry. Some more than others. If you have a breed of dog (Doodle owners, I’m especially looking at you!) that requires lots of grooming, cooperative care should be at the top of your dog training list.

You can help your pet become a willing participant in their own grooming and husbandry, which will result in less stress for both you and your pet. (Your groomer will also thank you profusely.)

Benefits of Cooperative Care


Less Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

By giving your pet the power to opt in and out of their care you will reduce their fear, anxiety, and stress related to care.


Increase Your Pet's Confidence

Having your pet become a willing participant of his/her own care their confidence will increase, thus increasing their tolerance of future handling and veterinary care.


Reduce the Risk of Injury

Animals experiencing high levels of fear, stress, and anxiety are more likely to lash out. This increases the risk of injury not only to themselves, but to their caregivers as well. A pet who willingly partakes in care is much less likely to lash out negatively.


Save Money!

Because grooming your pet is more enjoyable you are are more likely to brush him in between grooming appointments so grooming appointments won’t be as strenuous. You can also learn to clip your pet’s nails at home!

What Can You Learn in Cooperative Care Training Classes?

If you have a specific need that is not on this list please email us to discuss your needs!




Nail Trims


Tooth Brushing


Ear/Eye Care




Veterinary Husbandry


Muzzle Training

What Class Will Look Like

Cooperative Care is a slow process and the class will be a more relaxed, slow paced one.

The first thing we will teach our pets is how to “station” for grooming. Next we will cover consent for care. Then each team will work individually on their goals, whatever they may be. 

The instructor will address the group as a whole as well as individually coach each team as they progress.

Cooperative Care classes can be purchased individually for $20.00 plus tax or can be taken as a part of the Hyperspace Hounds Class Pass.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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