Dog Training Shopping!

Below you will find a list of useful dog training tools from books to food puzzles!

This list is just some of our favorites, but gives you some ideas of what to look for when shopping for your own pup.

Have Fun!

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Dog Training Essentials

Recommended Reading!

Here are some excellent reading resources. Meet Your Dog should be required reading for all prospective and actual dog owners!

The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days provides excellent advice for all new puppy owners.

Cooperative Care is highly recommended for all dog owners if you would like your dog to actually enjoy things like grooming, nail, and veterinary care!

The last three books are excellent for those of you working with reactive, aggressive, or intra household aggression.

Dog Gear and Supplies

Here are some of our favorite pieces of training gear!

In addition to the Amazon Links below here is another item not available via Amazon:

The Perfect Fit Harness! Available at Please note this harness has 3 parts and you must order all 3 for it to work!!!

Check out Clean Run’s crazy awesome selection of tug toys while you are at it!

Note the very long baby gate in the background separating the babies from the dogs.

Canine Containment

Setting up your new puppy or adult dog is critical for success. This is absolutely required for homes with children and dogs. Boundaries must be maintained when there is not direct supervision.

Boundaries are also useful for adding a new dog into a household with an established dog. Or adding a new pup into a home with cats. Cats must have a way to escape the pup!

In this multi-dog household the use of crates is critically important at meal times to ensure everyone’s safety.

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