Private Dog Training for Southern RI!

Private Lesson Dog Training


Focused 1:1 Training Sessions

It’s all about you, your dog, your family, and your life!


Hands On Coaching!

The trainer may demo behaviors with your own dog and will guide you through the steps of how to train your dog. 


Issues Beyond the Scope of Class?

Group classes are fanastic, but due to the group nature, they cannot cover more than manners topics. Private Lessons can help you transform your dog’s behavior in your home and life.

Private Dog Training Exeter, RI

2 Program Options 

Manners Program

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs who need to work on their manners! Can be done at our facility or in your own home!

Behavior Modification

This is for those pups who are struggling with behavior challenges that need more tlc than the Manners Program can provide!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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