Competition Nose Work:


Student Achievements

Windsor & Jo


NW1 Huntington, MA 3rd Vehicles 7/3/15

NW2 Foxboro, MA 1st Overall, 2nd Vehicles 4/23/17

NW3-E Kingston, RI 6/17/18

NW3-V Andover, CT 5/12/19

NW3-C Kingston, NH 5/8/21

L1C, L1E, L1I, L1V, L2C, L2V, L2E, L2I

From freezing to sweltering! 0 degrees to 100 degrees. Nose work folks are a hardy breed! Both of these videos are from NW3 Trials where there are 0-3 hides and the handler must call finish when they think their dog has found everything.

Billy & Sarah

ORT Southbridge, MA 2/22/20

Filius Flitwick & Jo

ORT Franklin, MA 6/10/18

NW1 Spencer, MA 10/14/17

NW2 Ashby, MA 9/23/18

NW3-E Central Islip, NY 7/14/19

L1E, L1I

Griphook & Jo

ORT Charlton, MA 2/19/22

NW1 Foxboro, MA 12/3/22 1st Place Interior, 2nd Place Containers, 3rd Place Overall

Banjo & Jo


NW1 Harry Award & 3rd Containers Merrimack, NH 10/22/16

L1I, L1V

Ratamacue & Mike


NW1 Harry Award Woodstock, CT 6/3/17

NW2 Spencer, MA 10/15/17

Rowena & Jo

ORT Charlton, MA 2/19/22

Nimbus & Casey

Clove ORT




Nox & Casey

Birch ORT




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