Dog Trainer Casey KPA CTP

Dog Trainer Casey

Casey began her career with animals volunteering at Roger Williams Park Zoo and Wildlife Rehab RI. She then went to Africa and volunteered at the  Boskoppie Lion and Tiger Sanctuary.

Casey then interned at the Buttonwood Zoo and worked at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

From there Casey went to Florida to apprentice as an exotic animal trainer at T.I.G.E.R.S. She worked with tigers, lions, wolves, binturong, jaguars, chimpanzees, oragutans, and more!

Casey began working with dogs in 2016 and has completed the Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner program to earn her KPA CTP. Casey is also an AKC Evaluator.

Casey works in our Day School, teaches Group Classes, and Private Lessons.

Casey shares her life with 3 dogs, Nimbus, Nox, and Mad-Eye, as well as one cat, Bilbo Baggins. Casey enjoys various dog sports and frequently can be found at FastCat and Nose Work events around New England!



Australian Cattle Dog mix, Nimbus


Australian Cattle Dog, Nox


Alasstor Mad-Eye Moody, the Mudi
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