Intensive Day Training for Adult Dogs!

For Dogs Age 6 months and older.

Do you have a teenage tyrant? Is your adult dog out of control and in need of a manners boost? Our Intensive Day Training Programs will give your pup a major behavior boost!

2 Different Paths

Intensive doggy training Exeter, RI

Rocket Recalls

This path will focus heavily on teaching your pup to come when called.

The secondary focus will be working on control positions and duration stays with distractions. Such as a down stay on a mat while you eat a meal.

Day training for dogs Exeter, RI

Walking Wonders

This path will focus heavily on teaching your pup how to walk on a loose leash.

The secondary focus will be working on self control around distractions such as food or objects on the ground. Will also cover polite greetings.

The First Step

Ready to transform your dog’s behavior? The first step is to book an in person assessment with one of our trainers!

During this assessment we will be looking for your pup’s willingness to train for us, their sociability, lack of aggression towards humans/dogs, and ability to crate in our facility.

You will stay present with your pup for the first part of their assessment. Then you will be asked to step out and return in a few hours if all goes well.

If your pup is accepted into our Intensive Program the fee for the assessment will be deducted from the overall program cost.

Intensive Day Training Requirements

Canine Day Training Program in Exeter, RI


Enrollment is open to dogs ages 6 months and older. Dogs must be non aggressive to humans and other dogs. 


All dogs entering our day training programs must be up to date with their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella vaccines. Proof of a negative titre is also acceptable for Distemper/Parvo.

Negative Fecal

Must have a recent negative fecal test on file. This fecal must test for giardia and other common fecal parasites. Fecal tests are required every 6 months.

Days: Monday - Thursday

Our Intensive Day Training Program runs Monday thru Thursday. Dogs can attend 3 days (T,W,Th) or 4 days (M,T,W,Th) a week for 3 consecutive weeks.

School Hours - 9:00am - 3pm

Drop off is between 7am – 9am. Pick up is from 3pm-5:30pm. 

Group Classes

Unlimited group classes for 2 months

Private Lessons

3 one hour private lessons with our trainers

Intensive dog training Exeter, RI
Canine boot camp Exeter, RI


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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