Puppy Prep School ⋆ Mischief Managed Mayhem to Manners

Puppy Prep School

A day in the life of a puppy at our Puppy Prep School!

puppy prep school Rhode Island

8-10am Morning Individual Training Sessions

10-11am Morning Playgroups

11-12pm Lunch/Naps

12-2pm Afternoon Individual Training sessions

2-3pm Afternoon Playgroups

Puppy Prep School – More Details!

  • Individual Training Sessions may be a longer, 20 minute session, or may be split up into multiple training sessions throughout the 2 hour training window. This will depend on the age of the pup that is training and what the puppy is learning!
  • Puppies that are not actively training during the  morning training sessions will receive their breakfast served up in a food  dispensing toy. They will also be learning to relax quietly in their crates while waiting their turns.
  • Playgroups may involve 6 puppies in one group or multiple smaller groups depending on the mix of puppies. This will depend on age, size, and temperament of the puppies. Playgroups will be closely monitored by a trainer and will be kept at a ratio of 6 puppies to 1 trainer.
  • During the afternoon training sessions the puppies that are not actively working will be provided their lunches and a chew and will again practice relaxing quietly or napping in their crates.
  • The play space will have novel objects such as toys, uneven and different tactile surfaces, things flying overhead like a tarp or balloons flying over head, tables to climb on or under, ball pits, and trainers will put on various costume pieces to expose puppies to as many novel stimuli as we can!
  • Every Tuesday afternoon, Jo’s 6 year old twins, will be visiting the puppies for their afternoon playgroup!
  • Drop off and Pick up will be curbside style! You pull up and text us, we will run out to either collect your puppy or to return your puppy to you!
  • Puppies will be brought outside to potty at the start/end of their training sessions and before/after their playgroups. This will help form solid potty routines at home. There is an indoor potty area for those moments during playgroup that they cannot make it outside!
Puppy Day School Rhode Island


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are glad to help you pick your classes, help you register, or offer support and advice for your dog training needs.

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