Puppy Prep School

A day in the life of a puppy at our Puppy Prep School!

Puppy Training Exeter, Rhode Island

7-9am Drop Off & begin morning training sessions


9-11am Morning Playgroups


11-1pm Train, Lunch, Nap


1-3pm Afternoon Playgroups & finish training sessions


3-5:30pm Pick Up

Puppy Prep School – More Details!

  • Each puppy will receive 2 individual training sessions every day. One session per week will be dedicated to grooming and handling. We will clip nails during this session as well.
  • Puppies will be trained both indoors and outdoors so please be sure to “dress” them in a properly fit collar or harness.
  • Puppies that are not actively training or involved in a playgroup will be crated. Napping is a critical part of every puppy’s day. They would become very cranky pups if we didn’t provide them with naps!
  • Pups are provided various food puzzles for their meals while crated during lunch. They will also be provided with chews during their downtime.
  • Playgroups will depend on age, size, and temperament of the puppies. Playgroups will be closely monitored by a trainer and will be kept at a maximum ratio of 6 puppies to 1 trainer.
  • The play space will have novel objects such as toys, uneven and different tactile surfaces, things flying overhead like a tarp or balloons flying over head, tables to climb on or under, ball pits, and trainers will put on various costume pieces to expose puppies to as many novel stimuli as we can!
Puppy Classes Exeter, Rhode Island


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