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New Puppy’s First week home!

Ok we have covered his first day home and first full day after that. He remained nameless until 4 days later when I finally struck gold with the name, Gilderoy Lockhart! It suits him absolutely perfectly. I mean, really, look at those locks!

By now it was apparent the kids were going to miss their last week of school due to this terrible cold they caught. All of my plans to get out and do things were on hold, but we made do.

His second full day at home was more low key than the first two days. We spent time outside in the yard. We played a lot. He met the cats and tried to play with them much to their dismay. He went to Fetch RI again and also came to class with me while I taught. 

The third day this magical thing happened. We had Central Air Conditioning installed! It was a beautiful thing. He handled the guys coming in and out and all the noise like a pro. He also very briefly met Filius Flitwick, my 3 year old Chinese Crested. He went with me to teach class again. One of his jobs to do when he grows up will be demo dog. Windsor is my current demo dog, but since he is almost 7 it is time to start thinking about training his successor.

Gilderoy has some big shoes to fill. Since I have high hopes of him being a demo dog I need him to be comfortable around all sorts of dogs and people. I want him to be a go anywhere, do anything type of dog. It is critically important to expose him to as much as I can while he is still young without overwhelming him. My goal for the first month or so is to hit up 1-2 new places per day for puppy socializing.

One of the things required of him not only as as future demo dog, but also in the show dog world and competitive dog sports world will be waiting. He will need to be able to crate quietly in all sorts of environments so that’s why I am hitting it up hard now. Of our other 5 dogs, yes, five, precisely zero have excellent crating skills when in exciting environments like classes or trials. Here’s to getting “it” right with Gilderoy. Are you looking for the best puppy classes in RI? We have the best team of trainers that will train your puppy to perfection. 

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