Puppy Training in Richmond, RI
Chinese Crested puppy visiting Fetch RI in Richmond, RI.

Puppy Training and Socializing

I had all these great plans to get the puppy out for training and socializing the first week. Life, naturally, threw curveballs my way. Both kids were sick and missed their entire last week of school! I had this tiny, nagging scratch in my throat. I knew what that meant. I had to act quick before IT got me too.

My plan for day one was to drop the kids off at school and go out with the puppy. Thankfully my husband was able to come home from work a little early so I took full advantage and got out while I could.

First we went to a Pet Supplies Plus where he rode around the store in his Sherpa bag in the carriage. We hung out in the parking lot after we were done inside to watch the world go by. This particular pet store is located in a busy shopping plaza so we saw all sorts of people, cars, trucks, and busses go by. He came out of his bag to walk around a little bit here.

Puppy Training in South Kingstown, RI.
Puppy socializing in South Kingstown, RI shopping plaza.

Then we went for a quick drive over to the Wakefield Mall and hit up Critter Hut, the local pet store inside the mall. I love that I can bring my dogs to the mall for training! For him it was less about actual training and more about just seeing the world.

Back home for some puppy play with Windsor followed by a puppy nap before I went off to teach classes. He also discovered his reflection in the fireplace. Looking at oneself is pretty scary!

Off to class! His third pet store visit of the day! This time to Fetch RI where I teach various dog training classes. After meeting everyone in the store he then settled into his Sherpa bag beautifully while I taught classes.

He ate all of his dinner out of two different food puzzles while I taught group classes. The Kong tire toy and pacifier. Once his dinner was done he settled down with his giraffe Pillow Pet and slept until I took him out to go home! What an angel of puppy.

Dog Trainer in Richmond, RI

Before going to bed for the night we played tug and just had all sorts of fun playing with his toys and my hands. Then off to bed for him! He fell asleep again with my fingers stuck in the crate.

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